Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm Famous

Okay...maybe not famous, famous...but I am in an awesome magazine article for breast cancer survivors! It's called Beyond: Live & Thrive After Breast Cancer. It is the Spring/Summer 2007 issue. You can find it at Walmart and other fine retailers :)

I'm in the first article called "Recording the Journey" (found on page 12). I'm in the paragraph under EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION...yes, that's me... Dana Hyer Whiting, the 33 year old mother who battled breast cancer! The article is about journaling and emotional healing. The article sites my blog (after all, that is how I was discovered:) and how I used it to get through cancer.

I was thrilled with the article and the message it gave. You will have to check it out if you get a chance. Feel free to cut it out, laminate it, and put it in a very safe place (ha ha). The magazine has some very interesting articles...but mine is the best!

I am doing well. My health appears to be stable at the moment! For that I am grateful! The other morning I was awake early, lying in bed. It was about 5 am and I could hear the birds chirping and I could smell the fresh spring air. I was cuddled next to my wonderful husband and I started crying. It hit again me how lucky I am to be alive! Statistics say I should probably be dead, but I'm not! At that moment I realized how truly blessed I am!

It really is the little things in life that matter. Watching your kid's facial expressions as they watch their favorite cartoon. Your cat cuddled up next to you purring. A good laugh with a girlfriend. An afternoon nap. A Diet Coke with lemon. A husband who cooks dinner when you're too tired. When your child gives you a kiss and says "you're the best Mom ever". Really, does it get better than that?


Ermelinda said...

Great article! And a sincere "thank you" for blogging. I've 1 question : Where can I start a blog? Yes, I've breast cancer too but it's paraneoplasty type, basically it also effects (in a debilitating) way the nervous system way before the cancer rears it's ugly head. To be misdiagnosed is a great possibilty but acknowleging that MOST women who have big C really seek to educate themselves - I really would love to throw the awarness of this type of breast cancer in the ring! For 5 yrs. I went from being totally healthy to being wheelchair bound, with major coordination difficulties (can't write, speak fluently (English - forget Spanish (the rolling of the R's is up there with writing)),walk (I could stand), etc. etc., then to deal with breast cancer ontop things. Yes, it's gotten worse - with chemo, surgeries and soon radiation. I'm only 40 - this experience has been like being dropped in the middle of Disney World without a map!

Beck Family said...

I agree with you on the "blogging" being therapy! Been reading for awhile, but never will only be a year since my diagnosis last June, and am happy to say I am beating it too! Continued best wishes!

pinklady1953 said...

I really enjoyed your blog. Where can I find the magazine, Beyond, Live and Thrive after Breast Cancer? I also am a survivor, and I have looked at WalMart and alot of other stores and online for the magazine without any luck. Please email me with any information of where I can get it.

Anonymous said...
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Mie84 said...

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