Thursday, March 16, 2006

What a Day...

What a day. I went in to see Dr. Shull my oncologist this morning for a check-up. I had found another lump in the same breast I had cancer in before. So in I went. You know, there's a thin line out there between being concerned and vigilant about your health and becoming a hypochondriac. Hopefully I will find the middle. Dr. Shull did a breast exam and he said there is definitely a lump there. It was difficult to differentiate whether it was scar tissue or a new tumor growing. I hadn't felt it before and it started worrying me the last several weeks. I was just paranoid and didn't want to "deal" with it! Stupid I know. There are a lot of mixed emotions involved in this cancer crap.

Anyway, he told me what I didn't want to hear...and that was to get an ultrasound and a biopsy if the radiologist felt it was warranted. So off we went to the Imaging Center. Just plug'n away at that deductible! We filled the doctor and tech there out on what had happened the first go-round with the false negative biopsy and the whole "oh it can't be cancer"...oh just kidding it's stage three killer cancer". They were very concerned and did what I thought was a very thorough job with both the ultrasound and the 6 stick biopsy (which is freak'n tender tonight).

We were able to ask a lot of questions and our concerns were addressed. He explained cancer can grow around the scar tissue in a linear fashion concealing it's self since generally cancer grows in lumps or round like masses. He was concerned about that being a possibility. The lump/hardening is right above the top part of my breast scar. Hopefully it's all scar tissue and they will just have to watch it extra carefully for any change or growth. It was just all too reminiscent of this time last year. I started feeling the same. My breast starting hurting. I started feeling fatigue, and I was in the hospital getting these tests done. It was a dejavu I hated experiencing.

Anyway, I have so much more to write about, but it's midnight and I have got to go to be three hours ago! I'll write tomorrow.


Keri said...

Thinking of you, Dana. I'll be running for you soon. Hugs.

Zee said...

Sending you healing energy, Dana. I don't remember how I arrived here, but I'm glad I did.


Lori Miller said...

O.K. Dana,
so this is what we need to be thinking... just scar tissue and your fatigue is from all the stress your undergoing.

Your post is the last post I have read tonight and it is bedtime so I will be thinking the best for you as I fall a sleep tonight.

Love ya,


sue said...

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tahera said...

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