Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Deon's Cakes

I had to post this...it was too funny. Deon was my chemo buddy who has become a dear friend for life. It was her one year on May 5th so my friend Carrie and I decided to make her a boob cake for her one year survial of breast cancer. This is what I got in the mail a couple days later...

She is such a hoot! When we went to take it to her, she wasn't there, so we "broke in" and left it with a card that said..."Let's give a cheer, it's been a year, you're one tough cookie, we're glad your here!"


Deborah said...

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Marjory said...

Hi Dani
Your blog is great - full of spirit and fun. We're blogging about breast cancer too - although Marjory is only in the very early stages of her journey.
Come and visit us at http://www.twinkletwinkles.com
We'd love to "have your company"
Best wishes - stay well
Marjory and Gordon

Keri said...

TOO CUTE! :) Your gift to her was wonderful and what she did with your gift was truly special as well. :) Wonderful. Happy anniversary to her and what a fabulous friend you are to have celebrated it with her in this way.

tigerjim14 said...

Awesome idea...one of my mentors is going through this. She is doing great. Dedicated to inform the public on cancer issues. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Very nice idea. What did your friend say about the cake? Toner

Babs said...

Please read how IVF medications led to my breast cancer and how a breast cancer study using genetic testing to check estrogen metabolism is saving my life. Please share my story with all women who have used or are considering IVF, HRT and anyone with estrogen positive breast cancer.


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