Monday, May 08, 2006

More Scans in the Plans

I went to the Oncologist today and he couldn't be for sure "it" (lump #2) hasn't grown or that it's just scar tissue. So, he wants me to get the MRI of my breasts done this week. He also referred me back to my breast surgeon. I will also be getting a full body CT scan which will check for metastasis in the rest of my body. I have had a gut ache for over a week now and I worry...well, let's just say I worry. I am praying it comes back negative and I can resume my life.

Weird enough, now that I am feeling much better and have come back into my "right" mind...I feel peaceful about this and feel like I can handle the results either way. A month ago, I couldn't cope with answering the phone. I am feeling so much better and I am grateful I am a live!

We are planning to buy a cute little house that is in our Ward (church group) in a newer neighborhood by people we already know and love. This sounds morbid, but after facing my own mortality...being in our own house and having my children settled in a house, schools, and church with people that know and love them brings me great peace. I feel peace knowing my children will be looked after by not only good family, but friends and church members...given "something" were to happen to me. Also leaving behind this blue rental house will be refreshing...there are many bad memories here of being sick. I am ready to move forward in my life.

My one year diagnosis date is coming up this month. May 25th! One year...I can hardly believe it! Reason to celebrate I think! My friend Deon's one year was on the 5th. So, my friend Carrie and I made her a boob cake and wrote a poem on it that said..."It's been a year, let's give a cheer, to one tough cookie...we're glad your here!" I'll have to attach the was so stink'n funny!

Again, thank you everyone for your love, support, and prayers!

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