Sunday, May 07, 2006

Out of the Hole

I think I have finally managed to climb my way out of the dark hole of hell...also known as depression. What an awful experience! I didn't think I was going to make it out! But, here I am again!

I was able to go home to SLC, Utah to attend the Susan G. Koman Survivor's Luncheon with my Mom. It was awesome and very emotional for me. It was inspiring to meet all sorts of woman, from every walk of life who have fought this ugly, wicked disease...and are winning. They had all the survivor's stand up by time. They had all the newly diagnosed to one year stand up. So I stood, and the flood gates opened! I bawled through the entire ceremony. It was touching to get to the end and have a woman stand that was 42 years out. It is something I needed to see to feel like I could keep fighting and move on with my life. It was a cool experience.

A lady named Elise West who is a concert pianist and singer performed a song called "A Love that Knows No End". After she came up to me and said "I saw you at the survivor's ceremony and you touched my heart. I want you to have my these". She handed me three of her CDs. They are absolutely beautiful! I was touched at her generosity. People are good.

We are planning to "Race for the Cure" next weekend in SLC. I was surprised at how many people are doing this for me and the cause! I am touched. I almost didn't do it. But, I am...even if I have to crawl it!

Thank you to all of you who have offered your love and support through out this long difficult journey...I have needed you!

I have my three month check-up with my Oncologist tomorrow. I think I will finally agree to have the scan done. I haven't been emotionally ready to get "results"...but it's time. Wish me luck and a negative result!!

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cecile said...

Hi Dana,
I'll be praying for you tonight from the Philippines. Hope your scan is negative.
Take care

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