Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Everything OkeeDokee

Wow, I haven't written for sometime! I tried a week or so ago and lost the entire port. Needless to say I didn't have the energy to rewrite it.

Life is good. Amazing isn't it! As for the scan results...ALL CLEAR!! I can't believe it! I feel so much relief...oh so much relief. I had an MRI and CT scan. The MRI was a bit nutty. It was a breast MRI so I had to lay on my stomach with "the girls" in two large cut outs... The tech actually said to me..."this might not be too fun for you, but it makes my job kinda fun". I would have thought sexual harassment had it not made me laugh. Not, to mention he didn't get to see anything except on his little screen.

Before the MRI, they gave me a Valium. I ZONKED out, I mean gone. If you have ever had an MRI, you'll know those suckers are loud as crap...Valium rocks! I came out of the MRI and the tech suggested I change in the bathroom instead of going all the way down the hallway to the other dressing room. At first, I thought it was odd and this guy was hitting on me until I looked in the mirror and saw smeared mascara all the way down my face, and a little drool. Can you imagine the looks I would have gotten as I shuffled my way across the hospital with smeared mascara down my face, drooling, in a hospital gown? I was grateful he stopped me.

The CT showed a spot on my lung that showed up last year, but hasn't grown. Which is good news. It also showed I have an ovarian cyst my oncologist wants checked since there is a link between breast and ovarian cancers. It didn't look like cancer, but wants it checked to be on the safe side. I'm sure he gave me a lot more information, but I didn't care. All I cared about was "no cancer detected".

I had been having a stomachache for a couple of weeks and mysteriously it went away the next day! I didn't realize how much the testing and thought of testing was stressing me out. You really have to psych yourself up to do the testing. It could come back as cancer and then you have to face treatment or death all over again. And this time around, I knew what I would be going through. It's a little like going through labor. The first time you have no idea what to expect...then after birthing a watermelon...you know the second time to be a little scared!!

When Dr. Shull told me the tests were negative, I felt this HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders (and back, and neck, and stomach...). To think I waited three months to have them... Truth is, I couldn't have handled it. I was too low. I would have had a TOTAL breakdown. But, now I feel so grateful, so relieved. I feel alive again! The lights are on and finally somebody IS home!

This Thursday, the 25th is my one-year! What a year to say the least! I made it and plan to go many, many more! Over Mother's day weekend we went to Salt Lake City to do the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure. It was AWESOME and so inspiring! I walked it. I thought for sure the guys on the little golf carts were going to have to stop and pick me up....but I made it with two blisters and all! I even counted a few bald women in the race...one was RUNNING it! I was amazed and inspired. When I was going through chemo, there were days I could barely walk to the bathroom!

At the mile and a half marker we looked back and saw a sea of people who hadn't even gotten to the starting line. There were over 14,000 people in the race! It was an amazing site! And to see the ladies in pink who had beaten this ugly disease, was even more inspiring. At the end they had a survivor’s ceremony and everybody clapped and cheered. It was emotional. It felt good to be ALIVE! It blew me away to see the people who were there to support me! I have amazing friends and family...I really do...amazing!

What a journey this has been...My Journey Through Breast Cancer. Would I go back? No. Would I change it? No. Something deep inside of me has been forever awakened. I have grown. I have met incredible people I would have never met. I have learned lessons I couldn't have learned any other way. I am grateful...so very, very grateful.

P.S. Cancer still sucks!


Sue Flaska said...

Just browsing through some breast cancer blogs, and did a little reading on yours. Just wanted to say Happy Cancerversary and here's to many many more my sister!


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shooni83 said...

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